Customer Reviews - M.T. Mayo Corp.

Jim - North Andover, MA

We hired M.T. Mayo Corp. to demo our old house so we could build a new one on our property. They came in and had our house torn down and loaded into trailers all in the same day. They were quick, professional and very neat, not leaving any debris behind. They also excavated for our new foundation as well as installed the necessary drainage structures for water run-off. M.T. Mayo Corporations price was very competitive and the service they provided was excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend M.T. Mayo Corp. in the future.

Steve - Woburn, MA

I hired M.T. Mayo Corp. to install a new copper water line as well as a new 6″ sewer line into an investment property I had acquired. M.T. Mayo installed the services and repaired the asphalt street in a timely manner and to the city’s and my satisfaction. M.T. Mayo Corporations price was very reasonable and I was very happy with the overall job. I would recommend M.T. Mayo Corp. to anyone I know.


M.T. Mayo Corp is a contractor I would highly recommend to anyone looking for excavation services. My husband and I purchased a home in Lexington and M.T. Mayo demo’d the existing house, dug the foundation for the new house and installed our new water and sewer service. They were very professional, and finished the job on time and under budget. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and we are incredibly happy with the finished result.

Virginia - Wakefield, MA

My husband and I hired M.T. Mayo Corporation to fix a drainage problem we had been having for years. The guys came and installed a concrete trench drain in our driveway as well as installed 4 large Cultec units in our backyard. They then piped the the trench drain and all the down spouts off our house into the Cultec units in our yard. They alleviated all of our flooding problems and we will be forever grateful. We strongly recommend M.T. Mayo Corp. to anyone needing this type of work.